Join Quebec's regional transport Cooperative now! 

By purchasing a $ 10 social share, you automatically become a member of our cooperative. You will have exclusive access to our advantageous air fares in addition to contributing to the economic development of all of Quebec.

Together, let's give wings to Quebec.

advantageous air fares

Exclusive access to our price list and upcoming offers.

One-time purchase

No annual fee or renewal required.

No strings attached

If you change your mind, your social share will be returned to you. As easy as that!

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Additional Informations

Very simple! To join, all you have to do is fill out the registration form and purchase your share. There you go!

No need to renew your membership card or pay additional fees. And if you wish to leave the TREQ Cooperative, your share will be refunded. As simple as that.

The cost of a social share is $10.

Our members will have an exclusive access to our preferential pricing offered by the TREQ coop. 

Only TREQ Members have access to our advantageous price points. International or non-member travellers will still be able to use our services, but at a higher cost. 

All Canadian citizens are welcomed!

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