Whereas the Member is committed to respecting the rules, policies and code of ethics of the Cooperative. 

Whereas the regulation number 1 of the Cooperative requires the signing of a Member contract. 

As a User Member of the Cooperative, the Member agrees to:

  1. Hold one (1) share with a value of ten dollars ($ 10) each. These shares are payable in accordance with the terms determined by by-law number 1 of the cooperative.

  2. Usually use the services of the Cooperative when the required services are offered by the latter. 

  3. Do not solicit services from the workers of the Cooperative other than through the latter.

  4. The member agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of use that will be provided for the purchase of airline tickets from the cooperative.

The Cooperative is committed to: 

  1. Provide Members with the services requested to the extent of its possibilities in accordance with its statutes and regulations; 

  2. Accept the termination of this contract at any time by giving at least 30 days written notice to this effect addressed to the secretary of the cooperative, which notice is equivalent to a notice of resignation. The Cooperative can suspend or exclude a Member who does not respect the clauses of the contract, and this, in accordance with articles 57 and 58 of the law. In the case of the reimbursement of shares, the Cooperative must comply with article 38 of the law; 

  3. Use personal information in accordance with applicable laws.

The Member declares that he has read, understands and accepts each and every one of the clauses of the contract

En cliquant sur ?compléter l?inscription?, vous vous engagez aux conditions mentionnés.