Our mission is to provide Quebec with a real regional air carrier serving the regions and their development while ensuring the offer of affordable plane tickets

Recent decades have shown that the current private, for-profit model, doesn't meet the needs of Quebec regions and their citizens. It's time to take charge of this essential tool for the development of our regions.
The cooperative model has proven itself in Quebec. We therefore propose its application to regional air transport.
Today, we present the Treq Regional Transport Cooperative project Coopérative de transport régional Treq

Our Proposed Network

Our network covers all regions of Quebec thanks to a fleet of high-performance aircrafts (Bombardier Q-400 - 78 seats). Our network also offers regions connectivity to international carriers.
Our goal: to connect the regions of Quebec to the world and the world to the regions of Quebec.
In addition to providing reliable air service to the regions, we aim to offer affordable seats for our members of the Treq Cooperative

Additional Informations

Why create a new regional carrier in Quebec?

The indefinite suspension of Air Canada flights to several Quebec destinations demonstrates that their primary mission is not regional transportation. A new model must be implemented. In Quebec, the source of the problem is the high price of airline tickets.

Our project proposes to provide Quebec with a regional carrier similar to regional carriers serving the rest of Canada. We would use, like the latter, high-performance aircraft: the Q400 Bombardier - 78 seats in order to lower the price of tickets.

What would the ticket cost?

Many suggest that ticket prices are high because there is no demand. We think the opposite. There is no demand because prices are high. It's time to break this vicious cycle. If it's possible in the rest of Canada, why not in Quebec?

The prices will be very similar to those of regional airlines in Ontario.

short distances : Saguenay/Montréal or Baie-Comeau/Québec, a price varying between $ 199 and $ 276

longer distances : Montreal- the Magdalen Islands at $318 to $425.

What is a cooperative?

"A cooperative is a legal person grouping together people, companies which have common economic, social or cultural needs and which, to satisfy them, join forces to run a business"

Why establish Treq as a cooperative?

The model of private for-profit transportation companies does not seem to work for our regions. The responsibility of these organizations lies with their shareholders and not the population of the regions. The cooperative model is based on a business mission larger than making profits. Our mission would be above all to serve the citizens of the regions, to contribute to their economic development and to ensure affordable access to regional and international tourists. More than ever, the regions are aware of the problem with the current air transport model and want a long-term strategic solution.

The cooperative model eliminates the risk of replacing one monopoly with another.

Quebecers are not used to flying for their travels within Quebec. Are they ready for such a project?

Considering the very high price of plane tickets, it is almost impossible for a couple or a family to travel by plane to regions or even major cities. At $ 1,000 a ticket, no one flies. Quebecers or not.  

Give Quebecers the same quality of service at the same price as in the rest of Canada and they will be there as they are for international destinations.

Do the regions of Quebec have the same air potential as the rest of Canada?  


Let's compare apples to apples. Let's compare Timmins in Ontario and Rouyn-Noranda in Quebec. Similar populations of around 40,000, a very similar socio-economic reality with the timber industry and the mines. The two are an equal distance from their respective metropolis, Toronto and Montreal. How to explain that there are three times more regional passengers at Timmins airport than at Rouyn-Noranda? 

The reason is simple: Porter Airlines and Air Canada are offering airline tickets starting at $280 round trip, including taxes. 

When can the project start?

We wish to act quickly.

Aircrafts have already been secured and could be put into operation in the coming weeks to ensure that in the short term no region is left without air service. The coming months will be dedicated to properly structuring the Cooperative to be in full operation in 2021.

How to become a member of the Treq Coop?

As it's done in all other cooperatives, by buying a share. This way, the Treq members can have access to our prices and services. Treq

All Quebecers are welcomed.

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